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Webcam as light sensor

Sun 18 August 2013

I'd like to automatically start a music player when the light is turned on and stop it when the light is turned off. I didn't find any cheap USB light sensor, so I decide to go with a 4$ webcam.

Thanks to ImageMagick, mplayer and stackoverflow, this is ...

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ACRA and Logentries

Tue 01 November 2011

If you are an Android developer you probably experiment the annoying situation to debug an issue without any stack trace or detailed information. Hopefully ACRA and Logentries exist. The first one helps you to collect useful data when your application crashes. The second one allows you to store and analyze ...

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11 Libraries for Android to consider before starting a new project

Sun 16 October 2011

Plenty of good libraries, services, APIs are available for helping you to speed up Android application development. But still you need to know they exist. Here a list of some of them I consider important to know. If you think one is missing, please let me know by posting a ...

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